posted April 5th, 2013

The prints of the 'Prince' lead everywhere! Sighted last week in record stores and radio stations in central California and scheduled to appear in Scandanavia in May/June and the Upper US (Alaska, that is) and the freakin' Yukon Territory later this summer in the company of What The Brothers Sang duet partner (and so much more) Dawn McCarthy, he's also riding the wires of Wild Wonderful West Virginia's Mountain Stage starting today! His set will be beaming out to over 100 stations around this great country, including seventeen in Alaska (sneak preview, Last Frontiersmen!) and as many states in the lower 48 as can take it. The airtime for Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's set is also all over the map, so check here for info on the broadcast time at your local affiliate. Now, listening live on the box is definitely what you wanna do, but if you can't negotiate that venerable old wire transfer, then come back next week to hear ol' Bonny and his bunch on the world-wide web, streaming free and easy right here. This show took place on January 27th of this year, at the Charleston Cultural Center Theatre, and featured Cheyenne Mize and Emmett Kelly accompanying the Bonnie 'Prince' on selections within and without of his catalog that once again were all over the map! You can't stop our Bonny, you can't even hope to contain him! Expect live broadcasts from what's left of the polar caps before too long. If he didn't love having his feet on terra firma so much, we'd even anticipate a show from a little something we call - outer space?!? Stay tuned - to your radio dial, first and foremost, and to whatever other social medias bring you the news. Bonny 'Prince' Billy is rollin' free, and we'll have more reports as soon as he pops back up on the grid agin'!