posted April 8th, 2013

Our favorite living, loving legend (she's just a woman), Baby Dee is no stranger to the road - her vaudevillian soul has been spirited all over the world, performing in any situation your mind could muster. Like situations involving monkeys, unicycles and a one-eyed dwarf, if you know what we're saying. Lucky for all of us North Amerikaners, Yanks and Canucks alike, Dee's revving her engines for a quick dash through the American midwest, with a stop in the Canadian New York (or so we're told...), Toronto. There's also an appearance at the Calgary Spoken Word Festival to which we can only say, Word! If Dee doesn't play a note that night, she'll still entertain the FUCK out of all in attendance - with a vast catalog of songs about the undying soul and songs about tricks up her sleeve, and jokes about man's eternally sinning nature, you always never know what you'll get from a Dee concert. Will she unleash the pop-cabaret styles of Safe Inside The Day? Will you be treated to the hushed pages of intimacy that make up A Book of Songs For Anne Marie? The chamber musique beauty of Regifted Light? Regardless, expect some trademark dirty jokes (extremely dirty), cackles of delight (extreme delight) and mind-blowing piano playing (you get the idea) from Lady Baby Dee. As a special bonus, these shows are all being played in the company of the similarly legendary Little Annie, whose tour dates are far and few between. If you haven't heard her 80s-era collaborations with Adrian Sherwood, then your dance card ain't full yet! However, we suspect she'll be playing more in the torched cabaret style she worked in on those Durtro Jnana releases in the aughts. If you haven't heard them, start with the "Diamonds Made of Glass" EP on the Streamline label, right here on the self-same mothership that beams Baby Dee into your ever-lovin' black-ass hearts.

So - over here, gentlemen! Boys and girls too. Step right up, and peep these tour-dates - then get high and low with Baby Dee and Little Annie.

4/12 New York, NY @ Joe’s Pub

4/13 Pittsburgh, PA @ First Unitarian Church

4/14 Lakewood, OH @ Mahall’s 20 Lanes

4/15 Toronto, ON @ The Monarch

4/16 Detroit, MI @ Trinosophes

4/17 Cedar Rapids, IA @ CSPS

4/18 Minneapolis, MN @ Bryant Lake Bowl Theatre

4/19 Winnipeg, MB @ West End Cultural Centre

4/21 Calgary @ Calgary Spoken Word Festival

4/23 Woodland, WA @ Blackbird Farm

4/25 San Francisco, CA @ Amnesia

4/26 Los Angeles, CA @ The Mezz Bar

4/30 Louisville, KY @ KMAC