posted August 20th, 2013

It's nearly fall season and e'rbody on the DC rosta and beyond is treckin' somewhere - in the case of food management between the Pacific Northwest and the Badlands, we hear those fruit peddlers screamin: "Yo man, dems 'nanas gettin' BLACK!" Nearby, JJ Rox and co. snuff a cig in the dirt, and snort. Shades raised, tops down, middle fingers extended, up - Black Bananas are set to terrorize stage after stage, playing foil to the mighty mofos of MGMT and their fully-primed audiences. Black Bananas do what they do best, and that's smack the shiz outta whoever's not listenin' - not by human hand, but with sub-bass frequencies, squealing 'tar leads, and the 'coded n' eroded vocalizations emanating from underneath the heavy bangs of one Jennifer Herrema. It's all about to happen, soon as nex' week. Oh, won't you "Do It" on the "Foxy Playground" and lather up for ride on the Rad Times Xpress?

8/28/13 The Warfield Theatre San Francisco CA w/ MGMT, Kuroma
8/29/13 Mondavi Center Davis CA w/ MGMT, Kuroma
8/31/13 Les Schwab Amphitheatre Bend OR w/ MGMT, Kuroma
9/1/13 Edgefield Troutdale OR w/ MGMT, Kuroma
9/3/13 Dante's Portland OR w/ Red Kross
9/4/13 Knitting Factory Concert House Boise ID w/ MGMT, Kuroma
9/6/13 Fillmore Auditorium Denver CO w/ MGMT, Kuroma
9/7/13 The Crossroads Kansas City MO w/ MGMT, Kuroma

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