posted March 4th, 2014

Three classics from the annals of The Red Krayola return to free-market shelves of the universe on LP for the first time in years! Coconut Hotel was recorded for International Artists to release back in 1967, following the international success of The Parable of Arable Land! Much too freaky-form for the IA folks at the time, it wasn't issued til 1995 by yours truly, featuring the original Red Crayola at the apex of their experimental bent. A mere year later (but almost thirty from the original Krayola hayday), Hazel bloomed, featuring Mayo Thompson surrounded by a host of prime post-rocker poster-kids like David Grubbs, Jim O'Rourke and John McEntire, plus Tom Watson, Stephen Prina, and George Hurley, to name but a few more! The album showed The Red Krayola once again battling at full-force, entering their 3rd decade in full command of the furthest reaches of sonic expressive creativity. Beyond the haze that followed, the Singles retrospective emerged in 2004, providing young, curious minds of all ages with the ability to see The Red Krayola in control of the short form single song. A compilation for the ages, in the pre-dawn of the vinyl resurgence, Singles was only ever physically represented on the CD format, wah. UNTIL NOW - yay! Oh, to be alive in this new power vinyl age - Singles will be presented to you as a gatefold, double LP, along with Coconut Hotel and Hazel, April 22nd!

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