posted March 13th, 2014

It was a brave old world back in the year 2000; on the Drag City side of the street, the produciton team of Adam and Eve deleriously blended the guilty pleasures of late 90s smooth r n' b with the pushy funk of Royal Trux. An album and an EP removed from the synapse-splitting Accelerator, "The Radio Video EP" knocked our vision of Royal Trux out of focus in five quick tracks, while simultaneously morphing into a new incarnation that we might finally hope to understand in some future days (2014? Naaah...). Dance-poppin' Trux! But a close listen to "The Radio Video EP" will find you following a trail backwards through Royal Trux history, walking along the blared lines, stinky beats, and pure drooling nonsense of rude and shocking compulsions built upon hard rock and roll.

Just months away from their sudden flameout, Royal Trux were still flying high, enjoying their little plot next to the mainstream and the bridge tolls that it provided. To this end, “The Inside Game” was licensed to the major motion picture High Fidelity, for two young skateboarder types to mime at in punkish, sub-Beasties style. Elsewhere, the jam-and-recitation “Victory Chimp, Episode 3” (much more of which was to come a decade down the line) was recorded at an unplugged session in a downtown Chicago Borders Books & Music one autumn afternoon in 1999.

Dig it, this new EP wasn’t a catch-all release revisiting former poses —no, never! In keeping with Royal Trux tradition, “The Radio Video EP” was anew and hitherto untouched quantity — this time, well-machined, club-ready psych-pop, presented for the pleasure of all the people of Earth, with no discriminations. We know that Earth is ready for it again. Are you? "The Radio Video EP" is back on the air, May 20th!

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