posted May 8th, 2014

Dead Rider ripped up the roadways between Chicago and the East Coast just after the release of their blistered and festering new album, Chills On Glass, proving that you really can visit Dayton, Ohio, and manage to escape not only with all your fingers and toes, but actually sell a coupla rekkids while you're at it! Or perhaps it only works like that when you're providing as skin-peeling and terrifying of a sonic landscape as Dead Rider? Such a phenomenon got everyone thinking, hey - what happens when the Fangoria-ppropriate sound of odd-collared Dead Rider visits other parts of this wild continent we call North America? Everyone agreed, it'd be must-see action on the "Blank Screen!" Sure, they make rock and roll music, and it's good fun -- but Dead Rider isn't happy unless Dead Rider is reconfiguring sonic relationships, Todd Rittmann at the helm, reshaped into a gleaming spectacle of sweat-swapped juvenile fantasias. A live experience like no other, Dead Rider announce a massive, summer-into-fall tour of the Midwest, West Coast, Great Plains, and Canada: expanding minds take flight!

5/8/14 Frequency Madison WI
5/21/14 Crofoot Pike Room Pontiac MI
5/22/14 The Silver Dollar Toronto Canada
5/23/14 Le Zénob Trois-Rivières Canada
5/24/14 Cabaret Playhouse Montreal Canada
6/22/14 PRFBBQ Chicago
7/24/14 Three Links Dallas tex
7/25/14 Rudyards Houston TX
7/26/14 Hotel Vegas Austin TX
7/28/14 The Western Scotsdale az
7/29/14 Echo Los Angeles CA
7/30/14 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco CA
7/31/14 Jambalaya Arcata CA
8/1/14 Mississippi Studios Portland OR
8/2/14 Biltmore Cabaret Vancouver Canada
8/3/14 Barboza Seattle WA
8/4/14 The Crux Boise ID
8/5/14 Bar Delux Salt Lake City UT
8/6/14 Hi Dive Denver CO
8/7/14 The Record Bar Kansas City MO
8/8/14 The Firebird St. Louis MO
8/9/14 Dreamland Louisville KY
8/30/14 Empty Bottle Chicago IL
9/4/14 Kitty Kat Club Minneapolis MN
9/5/14 Brother's Omaha NE
9/6/14 Parker's Grotto (Ict Fest) Wichita KS

9/7/14 Mojo's Columbia MO
9/8/14 Tree Bar Columbus OH
9/9/14 The Ottobar Baltimore MD
9/10/14 Baby's All Right Brooklyn NY
9/11/14 Machines with Magnets Providence RI
9/12/14 Howler's Pittsburgh PA

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