posted May 21st, 2014

OK, turn on the gas and light the stove, but don't put your head in the oven - 'cause Pusswhip Banggang's "Jambalaya" is ready to cook and you wanna live at least long enough not to miss this! Available for immediate preorder, U can reserve a giant glob for your spoon today - satiate that hunger while this batch lasts! The ultra-deluxe-ly packaged, direct-metal masteredly full color picture-disc 12" comes housed in a gatefold jacket with reverse-side printing on the boards, in a custom shape, with "Jambalaya" recipe included as an insert. There isn't an inch of this Pusswhip Banggang release that isn't remarkable, hence it's remarkable price! And now for the added kick: Pusswhip Banggang, which first debuted on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! back in 2006, are set to mini-tour this June! Naturally landing in Naw-Luns, the very special engagements occur in the Southeast quadrant of these United States. Get yourself some tickets and in the meantime make sure you stock up on plenty of "Jambalaya" to get you there!

6/20/14 The Earl Atlanta GA

6/21/14 The Bottletree Birmingham AL

6/22/14 Howlin' Wolf New Orleans LA

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