posted June 5th, 2014

Summertime - and the music's - well, let's not say free and easy, since that may send the wrong message to the marketplace. How then, to describe with mere words the next-level new efforts that break ceilings of glass and walls of forth in their attempt to do that what's never been done and win that what's never been won? Yeah! That's what WE'VE got going on in July. What about you - going to see a man about a bridge? FINE. We'll go you one better again - talk to us instead about a Fence! White Fence, that is! Their new album For the Recently Found Innocent is a pop-rock masterwork, an improbably full extention of their sound signatures, full of tunes and sounds and songs that make a new place in the Universe for White Fence, great for the acolyte and the neophyte alike. Yet what would it mean if there was nothing more beyond the beyond that For the Recently Found Innocent eminates from - no live shows to back up the supremacy of the album? Not to worry - there is! From the white hills of California to the rotten Atlantic Ocean of old, a smattering of White Fence shows are already scheduled, making 2014 that much more Fencetastic! Check 'em -

07-12 San Francisco, CA- Potrero del Sol Park

07-24 Los Angeles, CA- Echo

07-25 Los Angeles, CA- Echo

08-05 Big Sur, CA- Henry Miller Library

10-13 Brooklyn, NY- Baby's All Right

10-14 Allston, MA- Great Scott

10-15 Montreal, QC- Il Motore

10-16 Toronto, ON- The Garrison

10-17 Cleveland, OH- Happy Dog

10-18 Chicago, IL- Subterranean

10-19 Buffalo, NY- Tralf Music Hall

10-20 Baltimore, MD- The Metro Gallery

10-21 Philadelphia, PA- Underground Arts

10-23 Kingston, NY – BSP Lounge

Sure, there aren't as many as their greatest fans (and all their new friends)'d like - but leaving 'em wanting more is an artform, and just another aesthetic in the skill set for Tim Presley and his gang. See on the road and in the groove, White Fence - you separate us from a world we couldn't face without you.