posted October 21st, 2014

Jessica Pratt's self-titled 2012 debut has been much-murmured about in the time between yesterday and today. People respond to the austere, pristine clarity of the performances, the gentle strength, marvel at how much comes from so little: just a voice and a guitar or two! They speculate on just who is the personality behind this Jessica Pratt? It is hard not to respond to the sound of her music, to not want more right away. Now, two years on, Jessica's very new On Your Own Love Again is here for us, playing her further adventures in new and different pastures. 

On Your Own Love Again is the first Jessica Pratt album constructed specifically to be an album. Touched lightly with additional instrumental and vocal parts, its songs ripple beneath the surface with lyrical details morphing almost subliminally from personal to fantasy. When Jessica's playful nature bubbles up, she sends her voice traveling into strange places to see what it finds there. The music provides subtle hallucinatory nuances, giving the album's inherent romance a greater heft.

Perhaps most significantly, On Your Own Love Again was recorded at home - at places in LA and San Francisco, over the past two years. This process sands the surface of her more active multi-tracking approach, allowing for a delicate and singular sound. With On Your Own Love Again, Jessica is fully alive in a space all her own; with isolation in the breeze, the sound resonant in the natural light and a gauze of clouds in the sky, under which she can relax, unwind and let herself be. On Your Own Love Again arrives January 27th, 2015!

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