posted October 24th, 2014

Ahhh, the 90s - Clinton, Jordan, Berman...  the days of Twin Peaks and Surge soda, of flannel shirts and irony somehow look quite comforting in the rearview mirror! Yep, the ‘90s gave birth to the legendary Silver Jews, whose star only glistens brighter each time we check in with them. What happens to the Silver Jews in the future? We have no way of knowing. But they're so heavily ingrained in our collective conscience, it's as though David Berman is lurking upstairs, right now, or will be next week.

Early Times, coupling the first two Joos EPs circa 90-91, was released just two years ago, providing context for a newer generation of Silver Jews fans, and nostalgia (well, flashbacks) for elder Joo-heads. Whichever side of the hill you're coming from, it was a necessary fix! Early Times' 2nd song, “Walnut Falcon,” truly spikes the vein, capturing the Berman-Malkmus-Nastanovich origins of the band in a hiss-laden boombox mic, it practically screamed, "make a video outta me!" And so it was done! Three guys in a room—not just working for the weekend, but living the weekend every day of the week! The brand new video for "Walnut Falcon" captures raw footage of Silver-before-their-time-Jews; a perfect, weekending experience for all. Ease into your Friday by watching the video for “Walnut Falcon”, created using footage Tanya Small shot in 1990, below!

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