posted November 12th, 2014

The newest single from Singer's Grave A Sea of Tongues is molten, set to burn like a classic torch song should-- in your ears and forever! On "New Black Rich (Tusks)," Bonnie 'Prince' Billy collaborated with longtime songwriting partner Bryan Rich to create the ardent ballad.  The mood of "New Black Rich (Tusks)" is circumspect at best compared to first single "Quail and Dumplings." Where "Quail" anticipated bright future, which salved for the hardness of the present times, the "New Black Rich" solution for present-day ennui is stated in its first line: "I'll say goodbye before we meet." “New Black Rich (Tusks)" is brooding, with the fiddle of Billy Contreras, Chris Scruggs' mandolin and Emmett Kelly's guitar adding depth and shadows. The B- side, "Black as Grace" is exclusive to this 7 inch single and not found on Singer's Grave! While "New Black Rich (Tusks)" holds itself up with a sense of formal structure, "Black As Grace" appears as if it's unraveling, with Bryan Rich's vocals dividing the sounds.

The video for “New Black Rich (Tusks)” reveals a love story, one filled with longing and hope. Bonnie’s words unmistakably come to life and manifest as tusks, hidden within his beard. He dances slowly, longing for a partner with whom he can share his experiences. As darkness falls, Bonnie wanders into a speakeasy, his eyes fixated on a woman performing on stage. Her presence is soothing, as she also exhibits physical characteristics of a creature. Bonnie initially finds solace in his new companion, but is their similarity enough to create a lasting relationship? Or will his expectations and dreams of finding a complete partner shatter his reality? Watch how it unfolds in the video for “New Black Rich (Tusks)," and grab your copy of the single today!

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy goes to Europe!

11/15/14 GNRation Braga Portugal

11/16/14 Teatro S. Luiz Lisbon Portugal

11/18/14– 11/19/14 St. John at Hackney Church London United Kingdom

11/20/14 AB Ancienne Belgique Brussels Belgium

11/21/14 Le Guess Who Festival Utrecht Netherlands

band lineup for above dates: Emmett Kelly, Matt Sweeney, David Ferguson, Van Campbell

11/22/14 Le Carre Belle-Feuille Paris (Boulogne Billancourt) France Festival BBmix

11/24/14 3rd & Lindsley Nashville TN

Artists in this story: Bonnie "Prince" Billy