posted November 21st, 2014

International jet-setters that they are, we expect you'll join us in surprise that White Fence aren't packing their old kit-bags for swinging London (and points east) until late January! I mean, after all, For the Recently Found Innocent dropped in July - it's a fast-paced world, what's up with that? White Fence aren't really of this world is what, and as has been pointed out from every writer from here to Tipperary (or Timbucktu, if you will (and we would (if we only could)); to them time's a bit more of the four-dimensional kind (while you're waiting for the shows to begin, go see Interstellar if you want to NOT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK we're talking about), where the space between album release and the moment that they step into the picture in Marseille is as brief as moving from room to room! Maybe this is why we never get what they're grokking on about in their lyric sheets, hmmm....ah but it sure does sound good anyway! The thing is, the old world's not getting any younger, and they could all use a dose of White Fence's timeless pop sound-offs. And if you're in or in an acceptable radius of the cities on the route (Marseille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Rennes, Paris, Bristol, Manchester, London, Brighton, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin and Athens (THAT'S IT?!? Come back, White Fence!)) you're sure to benefit from their concert de rock. They are truly rock in their hearts and minds, what the world needs more of! White Fence over Europe, starting 21/1/2015 and running through 5/2/2015. Magna-freakin'-fique!

1/21/15 Grim Marseille France
1/22/15 Bordeaux Rock Bordeaux France
1/23/15 Stereolux Nantes France
1/24/15 L' Ubu Rennes France
1/25/15 La Maroquinerie Paris France
1/27/15 The Fleece Bristol United Kingdom
1/28/15 Kraak Manchester United Kingdom
1/29/15 The 100 Club London United Kingdom
1/30/15 Sticky Mike's Brighton United Kingdom
1/31/15 AB Box Brussels Belgium
2/1/15 Bitterzoet Amsterdam Netherlands
2/2/15 Gebaeude 9 Cologne Germany
2/3/15 Bi Nuu Berlin Germany
2/5/15 An Club Athens Greece

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