posted September 4th, 2015

Royal Trux..... A band whose very existence and legacy were and are dominated by words and phrases like 'out of it' and 'sabotage' would just decide out of nowhere that they're gonna play another show? The day's come and gone that Royal Trux took the stage at Berserktown II, laying it down on a packed house of rock and roll freaks and weirdos.  Little bits of footage of the performance appeared the day after and just as suddenly disappeared. What the FUCK! Why did we snuff those cell-phone-culled vines of excitement? Because. We've got a much better tape of it - and here's not just one but TWO tunes - and in fool color - to prove it! The price is right, right? Two wigg-wackers for the price of none, worth it for everyone!
On "Junkie Nurse" (from the primordial-garage thudder of 1992's Untitled) Neil gallops out with stinging guitar leads, and twins with Jennifer for  bitter harmony. Swaggering across the stage like a tranked-up tiger, Jennifer delivers pure venom  with head-swiveling chomp 'n drool.  The smoky, mashed zonks of "Back To School" (a mid-period hit single) make for a deep-focus jam complete with trippin'  guitar, rolling bottoms, and alternatively faded. unsynched and SCORCHING duel vocals. Jennifer struts seditiously about, signifying into the air in serpentine delight. Royal Trux's showmanship is just as perfectly FUCKED as it was twenty years ago, time changes NOTHING. Open up and you'll feel it too. Live in THIS moment and watch these videos now!


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