posted February 2nd, 2016

Ben Chasny's unique touch on guitar makes for a compelling musical undertow full of powerful subterranean energy. His fiercely astute and wildly inventive mind created an entirely new system for composing music-the Hexadic System- the explorations of which have spawned two distinct albums!

Six Organs of Admittance
's latest such album, Hexadic II, showcases the System at work in an acoustic way, ghostly vocals of divergent timbres singing over the fluid interplay of guitars, harmonium and violin. It's a powerful music journey, one that Ben wants to tour with you! Thus, in a couple of weeks, Mr. Six O will perform and lecture at a few select cities in the Northeast. His linguistic and musical talents will be on full display, so bring your thinking caps, your thirst for knowledge and of course your stimulated ears! 

2/19/16 at SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME
2/20/16 at SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME*
2/20/16 at Lompoc Cafe in Bar Harbor, ME

*Hexadic lecture at workshop at 1pm

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