posted February 5th, 2016

Husband and wife team Johnima and Kalassu Wintergate are Lightstorm: musical collaborators on this astral plane and beyond! Since 1973, Lightstorm has recorded under various aliases. Creation captures both sides of Lightstorm with eleven pieces of riveting, catchy, psych-glam-weirdness, fusing the best tracks from Who Am I: One (1977) and 33 1/3 (1980).  This new compilation invites you on a spiritual journey and then thrusts you back to earth with hip shaking rhythms.

The 33 1/3 album became a turntable hit on various radio stations all over the world, but the average record buying public just didn't "get it." In a world of where the likes of Journey, Dire Straits and Bob Seger were dominating the charts, Lightstorm represented a dangerous, erotic alternative! Unabashedly sexual and oozing with outrageous theatricality, "Missionary Is Impossible" struts with a crunchy, chugging riff that never lets up. Kalassu's fiery, urgent vocal delivery is overflowing with tension that boils over and explodes into a tongue-in-cheek singalong that's comparable to fireworks shooting off on the fourth of July!

Hop on over to Dangerous Minds for an exclusive interview with J & K and the world premiere of "Missionary Is Impossible"!

But that's not the end of this story! Lightstorm wrote, directed and starred in the first ever SOV film, the twisted and bombastic Boardinghouse! Those who live in the City of Angels, you're in luck! Boardinghouse will be screening at Cinefamily on February 10th! Be on the look out for more dates to come!


2/10/16 @ Cinefamily in  Los Angeles, CA

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