posted February 10th, 2016

Several decades into a successful career on the comedy stage, Neil Hamburger's brand of "humor" still packs a punch, just like a whiff of smelling salts in the nostrils of the faint of heart!. His classic routines and (way) off-the-cuff gags have been known to rile up the odd audience member (and to be honest, you have to be a little odd to be a member of the audience at a Neil Hamburger show), but this is all a part of being a professional comedian who has traveled over several of the world's continents and played to all kinds of crowds of people - keeping your jokes fresh and your hecklers guessing as you keep the rest of the audiences in (comedy-related) stitches!

All the while, "America's Funnyman" explores démodé topics of all kinds with outrageous, uproarious humor! The man innovates! He's virtually reinvented the knock-knock joke all on his own!. And as a seasoned performer, Neil never lets his crippling depression, decades-long burnout or battle with the bottle get him down. He thrives in the spotlight - so if you're one of the lucky ones near one of the clubs listed below, get ready to laugh yourself sick when Neil Hamburger comes to town later this month and throughout March!

2/21/16 @ Continental in Fullerton, CA     
3/3/16 @ Starlight Lounge in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada *
3/4/16 @ Opera House in Toronto, Ontario, Canada* 
3/20/16 @ The Satellite in Los Angeles, CA
3/24/16 @  Yuk Yuk's in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
3/25/16 @ Wescott Theater in Syracuse, NY
3/26/16 @ The Ballroom at Outer Space in Hamden, CT
3/27/16 @ Columbus Theatre in Providence, RI
3/28/16 @ Iron Duke in Northampton , MA
*w/ Tim Heidecker

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