posted May 6th, 2016

That's right - Dope Body are breaking up! Does that mean that Baltimore is GOING to hell, or coming from it? Since 2009, the digitally-shocked power trio fronted with gutter-boy polemics and screamed effusion erupted repeatedly with a SHIT-TON of heat on their four album and live shows played anywhere and everywhere all around the US and Europe. It was after their INSANE 2011 Nupping record that we caught them in a basement show and were blown the fuck DOWN by their energy. It figures - basement shows are their specialty, and while we've loved the divergent productions they've brought to each of their Drag City releases (the hi-fi sonics of Natural History, bolt-straight rock LIFER and woozy jams of Kunk), nothing has pleased Dope Body more than a basement show with all the sweat and stink and dank appeal that it implies. In fact, as they look back over the past sixish years, they see that playing their 90s-damaged post-core rock in front of people is really what the band is all about. And so they ring the curtain down on their short and violent run with not one but two shows back in Baltimore on May 13th and 14th, at the Metro Gallery and Floristree respectively. Whether you're a Bodyhead or just an aficianado of final shows, next week's definitely the last time you can stand in the path of their runaway precision engines. Before you move on to slavish Scroll Downers fandom (which we recommend!), you owe yourself one last shot of Dope to the Body! Word.

5/13/16                The Metro Gallery           Baltimore            MD
5/14/16                Floristree             Baltimore            MD                        

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