posted November 1st, 2016

Papa M's Highway Songs is a collection of sounds from an old boy as a new man, featuring a few extra metal parts inserted in key areas of the legs. This is something new again, extra savage at times - like the kind of record you might make in between a suicide attempt and a severe motorcycle accident. Add in a little time for a few sessions to finish the album after the bike accident, and you are literally talking about Highway Songs!

You understand the burn and the grind right away, with the uncompromising riff-ruck of "Bloom" - but behind those guttural licks come some slide leads that reach with supplication to the skies.  Now THIS you gotta see! And you can, since there's a video for "Bloom" out NOW! Directed by Kansas Bowling, the imagery provides a breathless counterpoint to the repetitions in the music. The days seems to be a grim turning of the wheel. And REturning of the wheel. And RE-RE-turning of the wheel. And stopping for a smoke break. But the buds are blooming out there, and as 16mm black and white flashes into color, the reasons for being and living and loving burst through the haze! A true nod to videos slotted for 120 Minutes rotation of the past, "Bloom" brings the changing colors of Papa M into the present day. Highway Songs is out November 11, but you can preorder now!


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