posted January 5th, 2017

Detroit, Michigan's DEATH is living proof that raw talent, ambition and honesty WILL prevail in an ever changing music industry - stick n' poke that to your arm! DEATH was conceived by band leader and guitarist David Hackney (1952-2000) in 1973. Although no one at the time would disagree that the unique Rock-N-Roll sound of DEATH was revolutionary, revolutionary enough in fact to be included in the new African American History Museum at Smithsonian in Washington DC. But you already know this! Since the rediscovery of DEATH in 2009, the band has wisely chosen their tour routes to bring their fun loving, proto-punk-rocking jams to fans of all ages in all places!

Next month DEATH are at it again, this time escaping the frigid winter of Vermont and heading down south for warm temperatures and red hot fandom. The revolution of DEATH is alive and well, and with the release of N.E.W. still resonating in our brains, who knows what the band will have in store on this trip! This is the first time in a LONG time that DEATH has toured the southeast, so don't miss out!

2/9/17 at Gramps in Miami, FL*   
2/10/17 at  Local 662 in Tampa, FL*
2/11/17 at The Wilbury in Tallahassee, FL*     
2/13/17 at Will's Pub in Orlando, FL  
2/17/17 at Siberia in New Orleans, LA   
2/18/17 at Saturn in Birmingham, AL
2/19/17 at Exit/In  in Nashville, TN
2/20/17 at The Earl in Atlanta, GA

*w/ Jacuzzi Boys 

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