Humping In Your Home

posted September 20th, 2010

OK, OK, you think we've been talking about these muthafuckas too much, right? Once you're inside, you'll succumb to their relentless nature, too: they will not stop until your refuse is totally violated. Until today, this threat has kinda been something you can leave at the cinemaplex. Something nearby, something within reach, but avoidable unless you had the balls to go outside and get it on.

Starting tomorrow, however, the threat becomes portable-- cumming at you on DVD in your own freaking living room. Trash Humpers is officially out on DVD via Drag City, yotch! And what would an in-house visit be without a few extra surprises? How about these: A 24-page fanzine (following in the tradition of Harmony's book "The Collected Fanzines") for a little eye molestation; two nightmarish new short-films ("Mac and Plac" & "Blood of Havana" -- shot IN Havana while Harmony was south of the border shooting a Rum commercial) that will scare the fuck right out of you; and 16 minutes of grimy, deleted scenes to drool over. Not enough for your chub? Well, keep a pink eye on Drag City-- soon you'll have one last chance to pick-up the limited edition DVD, specially packaged in an autographed, hand-designed brown sac straight from Harmony Korine hisself.

Don't sleep on this-- if you do, expect trash to be strewn about your lawn, your alley, your porch and gawd knows where else-- keep the windows shut and the doors locked, m'friend! Don't say we never warned you...

Artists in this story: Harmony Korine