posted April 5th, 2011

Just before June shuts down the month of May, Bonnie “Prince” Billy & The Cairo Gang will instigate the people of Florida to be free. But not from the silly stage of some paid-entry club, with their foolish drinks and age requirements. No, Bonny & Cairo are people who like to do things for people. That why, from the Pensacola panhandle to the beaches of Miami, America’s most famous peninsula has in-stores in store for them!

Yes. Seven Floridian record stores will host free performances open to all. There is no concert after the in-store, there is no secret show to ferret out — just one show per city as free as free can be.

So clean your swamp shoes, feed your alligators early and pack the bowl on the way, 'cause this is a one time deal. May 25th–31st will be forever known as that week you borrowed your friend’s E-Z pass to hit the road and drive, like a whole half hour away, to see Bonny and the gang from Cairo play in a sweaty outpost where you bought that 60’s comp back in high school. Sure, get high — but maintain your recall please, so that you can tell us all about it, 'cause there ain’t no way we’re going down to Florida unless it starts and ends with Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

May 25 Revolver Records, Pensacola

May 26 Hear Again Music & Movies, Gainesville

May 27 Budget Records, St. Augustine

May 28 Park Ave CDs, Orlando

May 29 Mojo Books & Music, Tampa

May 30 Radio-Active Records, Ft. Lauderdale

May 31 Sweat Records, Miami

Each in-store will be unique, so we expect you’ll want to gather in the parking lots and chart a course so as not to miss a single singular moment. It all goes down in only a week’s worth of real time, so get all ‘94 and ditch work, bring a mix tape of your favorite Phish songs, whatever. Revive that newsletter fax club you bought all that shit for and spread the word.

We are talking with disc jockeys at your favorite radio stations that you’ve never heard to get in on the action and pump special broadcasts right into your Camry or shower radio. Details of these exclusive and also free radio performances will be announced in the very near, very amazing future.

If you live near these stores, drop by and ask about it. It’s for real, they’re for real - and you too can be real. If you live not that close by and you’re weighing your options (to tour or not to tour? Those are the options), keep checking in on the site here as we draw ever closer and the sense of improbably excitement mounts. But if you can’t make it or can’t wait until then to do something, anything, you are fortunate that you can order new Bonny “Prince” Billy music right here an the Drag City weborderstore (or something like that). Two new 10” singles from Bonny, one with The Cairo Gang and one with his old Superwolf partner Matt Sweeney.

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