Chris Darrow: Artist Proof (DC528)

Chris Darrow

Artist Proof


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  1. Beware of Time 3:03

  2. Lovers Sleep Abed Tonight 3:00

  3. Shawnee Moon 3:32

  4. Move On Down The Line 2:49

  5. Song For Steven 2:45

  6. Cocaine Lil 1:43

  7. Alligator Man 2:28

  8. Keep On Trying 2:54

  9. New Zoot 2:29

  10. The Show Must Go On 2:53

  11. The Sky Is Not Blue Today 3:56

  12. We Can Both Learn To Say I Love You 3:00

  13. Beware Of Time [Bonus Track] 2:54

  14. Song For Steven [Bonus Track] 2:28

  15. Keep On Trying [Bonus Track] 2:15

  16. Move On Down The Line [Bonus Track] 1:54

  17. The Sky Is Not Blue Today [Bonus Track] 2:23

About this product

A blend of the mellow and the rough-hewn from the studios of southern California, circa 1972. Session player of many instruments du jour Chris Darrow launched his solo career with this country-rockin' gem, continuing in the tradition that he and many other like minds and souls evolved throughout the 1960s. Lost time is found agin'!

(LP includes CD with bonus tracks)