Wayne Rogers: Constant Displacement (DC246)

Wayne Rogers

Constant Displacement


Drag City
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  1. Far 3:54

  2. Oh (Ah) 2:35

  3. Dead & Rising 3:46

  4. Everything's Real 2:19

  5. Something In The Air 6:21

  6. Wonder 3:05

  7. Lives 2:17

  8. There 3:31

  9. As Of Yesterday 6:52

About this product

Fans of the psychedelic rock, get ready! In the words of its creator: It's rather like minimalism, except within one tone there is a thousand, and then several layers of a thousand, piled high like blankets of snow on a volcano. Thick, solid and never available on CD until now.

LP released on Twisted Village in 1999