Dead Rider

Crew Licks


Drag City
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  1. Grand Mal Blues 4:21

  2. Ramble On Rose 3:38

  3. The Listing 2:51

  4. The Ideal 3:25

  5. The Floating Dagger 2:55

  6. Too Cruise 3:19

  7. (Title Redacted) 2:00

  8. Bad Humours 4:39

  9. WHEN i Was Frankenstein's 7:31

About this product

A monster! A damned chimera, reconflecting man in pieces — audio-verite dance and blues, pop and rock varieties. Not created but lived, with parts of life on the run reused to facilitate other parts; not whole, but fully animate. Brutal and beautiful. Even if they didn't invent this wheel, they brought some bad-ass spinner rims to the table....