Drag City sez Discount This!

posted April 19th, 2010

“Drag City you never give us downloads,” “Drag City, you should have given us FLACS,” “Drag City, you’re not promoting my favorite artist right,” “Drag City, I have to go to the bathroom again!” SHUT UP! Okay baby — get ready for your candy...

We’ve got a unique new promotion for the vast, only semi-explored Drag City catalog. Every Monday, we’ll announce the Item of the Week on the Drag City website - and for the next week of days, you’ll be able to mailorder it from us at an unheard of (except in your greedy, impoverished little minds) price!

Just kidding, we love you. And for the next seven days, we’ll love every LP and CD (and download?) order for Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s Lie Down in the Light you throw at us. FOR ONE WEEK ONLY, THE EIGHTS ARE CRAZY FOR LIE DOWN IN THE LIGHT: $8 for LP, $8 for CD, $8 per download.

“During the recording of Lie Down in the Light, Will was into Burt Lancaster’s The Swimmer. Will and the band were staying at a bed and breakfast joint that had a beautiful swimming pool. Will insisted the band and me be able to swim 5 laps in under 80 seconds before we could start recording. Will’s brother Paul has a terrible hatred of water — so Will had the pool drained and Paul ran the laps. I thought it was totally unfair that Paul came out with the best time.”
— Mark Nevers, 2010

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