posted August 12th, 2009

After years of research and development, not to mention trial and error, agony and ecstasy, love and theft, petty crime and extreme punishment, and pillaging with a refreshing lack of raping, here’s your fresh and of-the-now Drag City website. The possibilities are endless with this baby — if only it didn’t look like every other website out there! Ah, well — at least when we look at it, we know that each and every pigment in the color spectrum is made up of pure blood, sweat and tears — just like that old KISS comic. Technology rules, even when it doesn’t satisfy. All I know is, these modern websites don’t sell as many CDs as the old ones did! Now those were websites — you knew what you were getting back then. So enjoy yourselves, kids — I leave it to you and whatever youthful e-custodian we appoint to be your guide on this brave new website. As for me, I’m out!

Grandpa Murphy
Drag City Inc.