Papa M performs "Live From a Shark Cage"

posted November 5th, 2009

This just kicked in! Papa M will be resurrecting his classic Live from a Shark Cage at All Tomorrows Parties on Saturday, December 12th at Butlins Holiday Centre. This is a part of the All Tomorrow's Parties ten year throwdown, and Live from a Shark Cage (released in '99) has done ten years of business for us - so they're perfectly matched! The CD has passed away into the annals of time, but you can buy the LP here, or a nice FLAC file of the same) Known for it's superb audio quality and deluxe packaging, Live from a Shark Cage has been used by some to test out the quality of a new turntable, or perhaps a the quality of a new girlfriend (for those who love on the darkside). Whatever you think Live from a Shark Cage is for, Papa M is using this opportunity to retranslate the tunes to create a new listening experience. Joining him on stage are Matt Jencik (Reckless Records, Slint 07, Don Caballero) and Alex Conley (Deadsea). But if you can't make it to England, there are other parties, not all tomorrow's. Like for instance, in NYC on November 18th at The Knitting Factory. Call it a warm-up gig if you must; the attendees may well be chilled by what goes on there!

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