And on the 9th day, the Lord said, Let there be Flesh!

posted November 16th, 2009

From the demented minds of the PFFR collective ("Wondershowzen," "Xavier: Renegade Angel," anybody?), comes the all-new DVD release Final Flesh. In a world where you think another genre can't be created, Drag City is here to prove you wrong! "Prank Porn" at its best...or at its only incarnation, this release is going to shock the fuck out of you!

And for a few lucky Los Angels, you will get a chance to experience this exquisite torment in your very own flesh. A segment from Final Flesh will be shown at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in LA this Tuesday evening at the CDR Sketch revue. If you've never really been, the show features comedic legends alongside the cream of the crop of up-and-coming writers and performers. Final Flesh will be warming up the crowd with a distinctly other element added to the Comedy Death Ray mix. Come catch a mini-debut of Vernon Chatman's vile new delight Final Flesh and while you're at it, appreciate and support comedy of all traditions.

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