Drag City, your source for the Source Family

posted November 23rd, 2009

Over the past couple of years, we've been blessed to become involved in the unearthing and distribution of recordings from Father Yod and the Source Family, the legendary Los Angeles spirit commune from the early 70s. Having a band on the commune provided them with another path to travel in their never-ending search for experience and wisdom, and the record collectors of the world with a series of incredible psych-folk releases to seek after. The first Drag City archival release release, Children of the Sixth Root Race's Songs from the Source is a glowing example of transcendental psychedelic gospel rock. Songs from a Source was a recorded document of a rehearsal, but glistens like a fully constructed album. This year, we brought you Father Yod and the Source Family's Magnificence in the Memory. Straight from the vaults, and collected by Dave Nuss of the No-Neck Blues Band, Magnificence in the Memory represents just a small percentage of recordings that are waiting to be presented to the world. Guiding us through this treasury of sounds is Isis Aquarian, who manages the Source Foundation vaults. Now, for a limited time, we have a few copies of Isis Aquarian's Echoes of a Crone CD, a transcendence of the word (does anybody remember the word?). It's a spoken word piece that seeks to enlighten your load. You can have an audio and visual preview here.

Artists in this story: Children of the Sixth Root Race, Father Yod and the Source Family