It's A Zoo in Here!

posted February 2nd, 2010

Galactic Zoo Dossier drifted innocuously but seductively into the world in 1995 - and nothing ever looked the same again! After four underground issues, distributed when and where those who would appreciate it congregate, word on the street was, this is the coolest hand-written-and-drawn psychedelic fanzine around! No offense to Ptolemaic Terrascope...they had their day.

It was the momentous year of 2001 that Drag City decided to take the "GZD" under its large feathery wing of production and distribution. And since then, nothing's ever looked the same! Three issues have come out under the DC aegis, hitting the stands for a few fleeting moments before these limited runs get hoovered up by psycho psych collectors (there's still good copies of issue #8, though!). Founder, editor and pop-culture historian Plastic Crimewave (aka Steve Krakow) writes and draws each issue with love, focusing on unheard names while retelling some of the classic rock parables of yore, producing a feast for the eyes, ears and mind that's been called a "psychedelic bible" by disciples of the lysurgic underground,

As we alluded to above, issues 1 through 7 are OUT OF PRINT - but last summer's issue #8 is still better get it now, or for never hold your stash with nothing groovy to read while rolling another one. #8 features, as all issues since #5, a collection of Damaged Guitar God trading cards, along with a set of Astral Folk Goddess cards - fun for both sides of the sexual question mark, as well as a CD of head-melting ultra-rare tracks from some of the Gods and Goddesses featured in the issue (as well as some who aren't). Features on Hoyt Axton, The Blue Things, Del Shannon, The George-Edwards Group and interviews with Vashti Bunyan, Peter Walker, Guru Guru and Ya Ho Wha 13 are among the many fascinating facets of the new issue that'll keep you on the toilet for an extra ten to twenty minutes per visit!

The spreading of the Galactic Zoo Dossier vision has allowed Plastic Krakow the opportunity to, not his brain! Good god, there's a limit to how often you can take that stuff, you know. No, Mr. Crimewave now releases records in coordination with home office here under the heading of Drag City/Galactic Zoo Disk. So far, vinyl reissues have introduced previously unheard names like J.T. IV, The George-Edwards Group and Ryan Trevor to a fevered marketplace seeking the next new/old discovery. Coming in March, we have Lovely Gold a record of unreleased mid-70s material from outsider-garage-psych legend Michael Yonkers. Check out the preview track on the front page and pre-order today.

Artists in this story: J.T. IV, The George-Edwards Group, Galactic Zoo Dossier, Ryan Trevor, Michael Yonkers