Beauty & Truth

posted April 28th, 2010

L.A. folks, this Friday and Saturday is your last chance to check out Legacy IIX, the latest collection of doodles from Drag City's favorite visual artist collective PFFR. You might ask us, "Drag City, what's so special about these doodles? " Well, you common trash, aside from it being art...! It's also a deft interweaving of classic disposable American tele/visusalimagery (aka, common trash) with that elusive thing we call gallery-ready craft. And while you could probably achieve something of the same effect by visiting every shopping mall in America while high on meth for a week or two, PFFR has been kind enough to do the leg work for you. If that's not enticing enough, just look to the collective's avant garde skin flick Final Flesh (released by Drag City last year, but still screamingly relevant to our swiftly-deteriorating society). Legacy IIX is currently on display at Synchronicity Art Space. It's the perfect event for you to bring out your friends/enemies for one last hurrah.

April 3rd - May 1st
Synchronicity Art Space - Los Angeles, CA
Friday and Saturday: 1pm - 8pm
Also open by appointment by calling (323) 284-8960

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