posted May 19th, 2010

Will America ever learn the lessons of Katrina? On May 3rd, the Cumberland River rose up and flooded through Nashville. As far as crazy people go, Nashville is no New Orleans, and there was no Superdome for crowds of desperate rapists to prey upon, but still - the lamestream media is acting like this terrible tragedy is no worse than the flooding of a local cesspool, thus cutting off real Americans from responding to the crisis the way the good Americans do - by rolling up their sleeves and getting the job done, whether it's working at a desk or draining Music City of flood waters. Meanwhile, Nashville might not be as crazy as the towns further south, but it's still filled with a bunch of maverick crazies too wild to stay in the hinterlands of Tennessee. Take Harmony Korine. While being interviewed by Vish Khanna on his Interracial Morning show on CFRU last week, he was caught up in the mayhem of looting, vandalism and petty retribution.

The interview aired this morning - however, by clicking THIS button, you can hear the whole sordid thing, which includes a bit of discussion of Harmony's new film, Trash Humpers.

Trash Humpers opens in Nashville at The Belcourt Theater May 28th and see openings across the US below.

5/19/10 Cinema Village - New York, NY
5/19/10 Nuart Theatre - Los Angeles, CA
5/28/10 Belcourt Theatre - Nashville, TN
6/3/10 Yerba Buena Center for the Arts - San Francisco, CA
6/4/10 Gene Siskel Film Center - Chicago, IL
6/9/10 Cinema Arts Centre - Huntington, NY
6/11/10 Zinema 2 - Duluth, MN
6/11/10 Starz Film Center - Denver, CO
6/18/10 Brattle Theater - Cambridge, MA
6/18/10 Hollywood Theatre - Portland, OR
6/18/10 Northwest Film Forum - Seattle, WA
6/18/10 Pickford Film Center - Bellingham, WA
6/24/10 Guild Cinema - Albuquerque, NM
6/28/10 Alamo Drafthouse - Austin, TX
7/2/10 Uptown Theater - Minneapolis, MN
7/8/10 Nickelodeon Theatre - Columbia, SC
7/8/10 Cleveland Cinematheque - Cleveland, OH
7/9/10 Burton Theatre - Detroit, MI
7/9/10 Gateway Film Center - Columbus, OH
7/16/10 Ragtag Cinema - Columbia, MO
7/23/10 The Plaza Theatre - Atlanta, GA
7/23/10 Orpheum Theatre (Madison) - Madison, WI
8/7/10 International House - Philadelphia, PA
8/20/10 The Loft Cinema - Tucson, AZ
9/11/10 George Eastman House - Rochester, NY
9/25/10 OLIO festival - Vancouver, BC

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