posted May 21st, 2010

Long and hard is the path, we walk slowly and wonder. We wonder many things of import, such as when the good Brother JT will play another show. What's that - Saturday May 22nd at a secret art space with a slew of Thrill Jockey bands?!? We asked and we did verily receive. Then how about this: when, o when will Brother JT return from the mountain and the desert (the kaliedescopic mountain and desert of pure lysergic energy, that is) and float to us on some new material??! What, he's got that too? Where are these voices coming from? And where did my mushrooms go?

It's only the truth, people. We helped get select shops around the country in the spirit (like Ameobas in Berkeley and San Francisco, both Easy Streets, Sonic Boom Capitol Hill, Park Ave, Paul's, Ear Candy, A.K.A. Music, Criminal Records, Grimey's and a few Rasputin stores in the greater central CA area) and if you hurry, you can buy your very own 130-plus page, 8.5X11, glossy, full-color, spiral bound extravaganza. It started as a JT lyric workbook and then turned into a spirit-channeling journal of automatic writing/drawing/collage weirdness. Not only that, it also includes Brother JT's latest solo effort, "Any Stort In A Porm", which takes several songs' lyrics directly from the book. Numbered edition of 100. Get em - and get thee to the only sceduled Brother JT show on earth - or off it!

05/22/10 Bethlehem, PA @ Secret Artspace w/ Arbouretum, Pontiak and Le Overtoner

Zoinks! Thanks weirdo voice in my head...what would I do without you?

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