Let Us Send Our Trash to Your Phone

posted May 24th, 2010

Hey, you! Yeah, YOU -- with that look of abject humiliation on your face every time your quaint -- but let's face it, tired -- "Camptown Races" ringtone goes off in a crowded elevator! Want to really give them something to pity you for? Try one of our free "Trash Humpers" ringtones. Each one of them contains a moment of pride and pathos from the great new American film by Harmony Korine, Trash Humpers - already opened in New York and LA and coming soon to the isolated cultural outpost near you.

Nothing says "this am what who I is" than the sound your phone makes when a possibly unknown stranger calls you. And nothing will clear your crowded elevator faster than any one of the three new "Trash Humpers" ringtones.

Artists in this story: Harmony Korine