posted May 26th, 2010

Hot damn, summer in the city! If you're coming to San Francisco this season, you're bound to meet some skeezy people there. And oh, the places they'll show you, the people you'll meet! You'll definitely hear about the rock and roll duo called Sic Alps, every dropout on every street corner knows them. But hey, you want to take it from the streets and do something classier? No problem, Sic Alps'll meet you there. Yeah, we got the 411 on their latest appearance - chances are than four out of five burnouts don't know that Sic Alps are playing at the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive on Friday, June 11th. A hot tip in this town is worth it's weight in meth, so deal it, kids. And if anyone ask you why this is happening, you can score some bonus points by tell them that Franklin Melendez (everyone knows him) is programming a series of rock shows (during the ongoing L@TE: Friday Nights at BAM/PFA series) that pays homage to the East Bay's garage and DIY aesthetic. Who better to represent than a band who sounds like they're playing in your garage, even when they're playing in an art museum! It'll be a wet dream for every pathetic journalist still paying lip-service to that meaningless term 'low-fi' - and since everybody in SF is a journalist or poet or writer of some kind, you're gonna want to be there too.

06/11/10 Berkeley, CA @ Berkeley Art Museum 7pm $5 all ages

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