posted June 6th, 2010

Yeah, that's right - if you ain't smart and you live in Chicago, you've got a target on your back this week - because starting tonight, Trash Humpers hits town. Every town that Harmony Korine's new film has graced is in danger of being cleaved in two, with the less-hip-than-thou violently attacking those who seek entertainment in the dark and vile corners provided to them by Korine and "his ilk" (the haters' words, not ours). Whether you're in or you're out (and in this case, either you're way in or way out - and we're not even going to speculate as to what either side means), perhaps you'd better come join Drag City and everyone else in the know for the opening of Trash Humpers in Chicago! The time: 8:45. The Place: The Gene Siskel Film Center. Harmony will be conducting an in-person Q&A after the film - you've been warned! Start thinking of yer questions now! And PLEASE no film school questions to impress your professors at the show. Face it! You're never gonna make it and your teachers hate you. And you hate yourself and you wanna die. Now, can you please stop taking yourself so seriously? It's just a movie, hey!