posted June 11th, 2010

Invite-only, intimate jams for cultural luminaries at the US Embassy in Stockholm? Check! Bob-sledding down Olympic tracks in Lillehammer? Check! Incestuous collaborations with Norse-types of all shapes, size and sex? Check that, too. How about jumping cannon-ball style into the chilly fjords of Bergen? Yep, our shorts are wet. Whale carpaccio? Down the gullet! Soft-boned sardines and designer clothing from Porto? Yeah, that too, bud! What else can we say about the recent Bonnie "Prince" Billy & The Cairo Gang (with Susanna [as trio] and Susanna & the Magical Orchestra) tour of Scandinavia and Portugal? Oh, right -- there were some super banging shows, too! Each with super fans, and some with super crazies! What's next for these thrill-seekers? I'll give you a couple hints - Ireland and the UK starting at the end of July for one golden fortnight and then the USA starting in Happy Valley in August. More delicious details to come!

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