Vibrating Thunder Down Under

posted July 8th, 2010

Feel it rumble towards ya, Mr. Kangaroo. Trying to find solid ground? Oh sorry. OM has other plans. But fortunately for you, and all your Aboriginal neighbors (not to mention royal didgeridoognitaries), OM plans to happily provide a solid plane. Spiritually, for all of Australia. Skip the Sunday Roast: Om kicks off their OZ tour this coming, July 11th, at the National Hotel in Geelong. They may not speak Tiwi, but if they did, you can be sure the sound would help you meditate.

7/11/10 The National Hotel - Geelong
7/15/10 Fowler's Live - Adelaide
7/16/10 The Hi-Fi Bar - Melbourne
7/17/10 Factory Theatre - Sydney
7/18/10 Hi-Fi Bar - Brisbane

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