posted August 19th, 2010

We love AZITA. Her records grow firm and fine as they age - and a wonderful brood they are, four strong and aged one through seven. Still, we haven't heard anything from AZITA in a little while, and we can't really get a straight answer from her on can someone tell us what the is going on? We've just been informed of the existance of something called the JOE Festival (that stands for Joyous Outdoor Event, uh, Festival) that's gonna rocking Chicago's lakefront September 2nd through the 6th. In conjunction with this Joyous event is a concert performance by "agressively poetic songstress" Bibi Mehrdad called Last of My Species II: The Perilous Songs of Bibi Mehrdad. But when you go to the Bibi Mehrdad Facebook page, you'll see the image above that looks suspiciously like our AZITA! Is she a long-lost twin or something? Who's zooming who here? The only way to find out is to check out the show itself, kids. Ticket info is here

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