Sic Alps. Magik Markers. No Prisoners.

posted September 29th, 2010

Leaves are browning, sky is graying-- yup, Fall is upon us and that means it's time for touring. Amongst all those bands slammin' their gas pedals across these Made-In-USA highways right now, none are more exciting than Magik Markers or Sic Alps. As it happens, they're doing us the kindest of favors by converging for a couple dates-- here in Chicago at Ronny's, and there in Louisville at Cropped Out Festival (check out our killer deal for Cropped Out). For the Sic Alps bros, these are their only two dates in the Midwest-- or anywhere-- at the moment. SAD! For you Markers-types, however, there's a greater chance to get your Magik fill. All dates below. Some might call these performances rare, at least for us Midwesterners, so don't let us down! New tunes, new members, new reasons (not that you need any!) for you to GO SEE THEM while you can, America.


10/1/10 Beachland Tavern Cleveland OH

10/2/10 Ronny's Chicago IL w/ Sic Alps

10/3/10 Cropped Out Festival Louisville KY

10/4/10 Mockbee Cincinatti OH a.k.a "bunk warehouse"

10/5/10 M room Philadelphia PA


10/2/10 Ronny's Chicago IL w/ Magik Markers

10/3/10 Cropped Out Festival Louisville KY

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