CAVE European Tour Kick Off

posted October 6th, 2010

Some bands tour, others DOMINATE. Perhaps envisioning a Napoleonic invasion of epic proportions when booking this thing, the CAVE European tour has ballooned into a nitrous-filled cloud set to cover the mainland, Scandinavia, and even the United Kingdom from now til mid-December (dates still being added, daddy). For those of you fucked up enough to have missed out on purchasing Pure Moods, the new CAVE 12” EP and first for Drag City, this is your chance as they’ll be toting a bunch in their junk trunk. Considering that CAVE are likely playing in your living room, based on the number of dates they’re playing vs. the limited number of venues on this planet, your chances will be ample!

Oh but wait, that’s not the best reason to go see em. If you don’t know CAVE, then here’s the gist: these guys are one cohesive, mega-unit of a motorik live band, a fireball of epic jamisms. And, while they will certainly make you shake your ass, they will also absolutely fucking torch you: melt your face off, fry up the skin like gristle, pack it in their crack pipe and... well, you know. It’ll purify your mood, duh. Get on the CAVE-y train, get to the show now!

10/7/10 El Perro Club Madrid Spain
10/8/10 Galeria Zé dos Bois Lisbon Portugal
10/9/10 Centro de Artes do EspectÁculo de Portalegre Portalegre Portugal
10/10/10 Monke Week Festival Puerto de Santa MarÍ­a, Cadiz Spain
10/13/10 L’Assommoir Saint-Etienne France
10/14/10 AÉronef Lille France
10/15/10 La Fleche D’or Paris France
10/16/10 Le Vecteur Charleroi Belgium
10/17/10 Water Moulin Tournai Belgium
10/18/10 Luminaire London United Kingdom
10/20/10 Crawdaddy Dublin Ireland
10/21/10 Belfast Festival 2010 - Empire Music Hall Belfast United Kingdom
10/22/10 Star and Shadow Newcastle-Upon-Tyne United Kingdom
10/23/10 Supersonic Festival Birmingham United Kingdom
10/25/10 Scheld Apen Antwerp Belgium
10/26/10 Astra Stube Hamburg Germany
10/27/10 Lades Copenhagen Denmark
10/29/10 Debaser Malmo Sweden
10/30/10 TBA Stockholm Sweden
11/1/10 Bang Bang Club Berlin Germany
11/2/10 Ost Pol Dresden Germany
11/3/10 Atomino Chemnitz Germany
11/4/10 Celeste Cafe Vienna Austria
11/5/10 Kino Ebensee Ebensee Austria
11/6/10 Rocking Chair Vevey Switzerland
11/7/10 Le Kab de L’Usine Geneve Switzerland
11/8/10 Clandestino Faenza Italy
11/9/10 Aerosol Club Villanuova Sul Clisi Italy
11/10/10 Sinistro Club Rome Italy
11/11/10 La Claque Genova Italy
11/12/10 L’embobineuse Marseille France
11/13/10 La [2] de Apolo Barcelona Spain
11/14/10 Ibu Hots Victoria Spain
11/18/10 El Cau Tarragona Spain
11/19/10 Colmar Supersounds - Le Grillen Colmar France w/ Zero
11/20/10 Oetinger Villa Darmstadt Germany
11/22/10 The Nest London United Kingdom
11/23/10 The Arches Glasgow United Kingdom
11/24/10 The Islington Mill Manchester United Kingdom
11/27/10 Madame Moustache et Son Freakshow Brussels Belgium
11/28/10 Le Guess Who Festival Utrecht Netherlands
12/6/10 ATP - In Between Days, Butlin’s Holiday Centre Minehead United Kingdom

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