posted October 12th, 2010

Starting today, and for ONE WEEK ONLY, Drag City has partnered with iTunes to offer special rates on THE HARD STUFF. That's right, though the suits at iTunes wouldn't allow use of the words THE HARD STUFF on their precious web site, we're going to freely call it that wherever else we please! While we hardly like to lump artists or records together (each should stand on their own, you know?), the fact that these albums have a common thread is undeniable. They're all cut from a certain rough, edgy cloth, one of serrated guitars, epic jams, and blissful head-banging moments. And for a limited time, these jams can be yours, digitally, for a ridiculously low price each. Call it Drag City's Recession Week For Your Not-So-Meek! Featuring THE HARD STUFF! BTW, if digital ain't your thang, you can totally grab physical copies of these massive jams right here at our online store. Here's the list of participating albums:

DC32 Royal Trux "Cats & Dogs"
DC164 U.S. Maple "Talker"
DC425 Rangda "False Flag"
DC361 Monotonix "Body Language"
DC355 Major Stars "Mirror/Messenger"
DC353 RTX "JJ Got Live RaTX"
DC345 Howling Hex "XI"
DC338 Boris with Kurihara "Rainbow"
DC300 Pearls & Brass "The Indian Tower"
DC246 Wayne Rogers "Constant Displacement"
DC103 Squirrel Bait "Skag Heaven"
DC426 Endtables "S/T"
DC249 Ghost "Hypnotic Underworld"
DC251 Weird War "If You Can't Beat 'Em, Bite 'Em"
DC356 Singer "Unhistories"
DC376 Magik Markers "Balf Quarry"

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