Planning Your Party Weekend!

posted October 15th, 2010

Friday is upon us, and Drag City is in control of your weekend-- it's your destiny, really, to spend at least one of the next two evenings with a Drag City artist you love-- why else would so many of them be playing shows? What better way to party than by attending one (or more!) of these killer shows where you can let it out and keep it loose? Don't you like that?

Tonight marks the end of a wild string of Howling Hex shows, medly-jams et al, at Ding Dong in New York; while just down I-95, Meg Baird's hushed vocal mannerisms and stellar geetar will mesmerize at the Latvian Society of Philadelphia. Further out than both, Faun Fables have reportedly made it to Stage One in Fairfield, CT-- even if their RV did not-- family in tow. Oh wow, Scout Niblett brings the hammer down on The Mohawk in Austin, TX, tonight. Neil Hamburger tries his hand at blue comedy in red state territory tonight in Tucson, AZ for those of that kind and in the area; meanwhile, further up the western part of these United States, punk rockers Monotonix bring the blood, sweat, and beer-spray to the folks in Eugene. Covering the coasts, Drag City artists are locking down, patrolling the borders for people who wanna jam and wanna party.

Of course if we struck you too late for this evening, there's always Saturday, and Europe. Let's examine the continent, shall we? CAVE will be pummeling ears and nervous systems, currently hustling without a van in a pseudo-European Trains, Planes, and Automobiles, over in Charleroi, Belgium, tomorrow. Across the border and inland, Laetitia Sadier is sure to enrapture at Conne Island, while up on the island of the United Kingdom, Londoners will be struck dumb by the warped songstress, Baby Dee, at Shoreditch Church. What's stateside, say you? Well, Neil Hamburger is still at it in AZ, this time in Tempe at Yucca Sap, Faun Fables will bring it down to Brooklyn and the Knitting Factory, and just a few blocks over, Magik Markers will menace with blissed-out authority at Shea Stadium.

Dang! Tweet this shit! Sunday just keeps it going and we're out of breath, so check it out on the Tours page, dude!

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