Accidental Joke = Intentional Poster For Sale

posted October 19th, 2010

Drag City is no stranger to posters; heck, we make posters for just about every new album we're ever released, many of them available for purchase, for your personal archives or personal wall/shrine. And while we'd never be surprised if any one of our posters appeared in a fine art gallery or two, we've never quite made one with such immediate possibilities as with The Accidental Joke. When we discovered the innocent(ly twisted), humorous and confounding visuals of Baim & Lazar, we were immediately engaged. Who are Baim & Lazar-- youthful class-room snots, or adult contemporary artistes with their tongues in their cheeks? The poster this duo have created is really all we know about them. Mysterious and full of high-brow-for-low-brows social commentary, we felt compelled to press it up for mass consumption-- be it your gallery wall, dorm room wall, cubical wall, or bathroom wall. Where there's a wall, there's a way for The Accidental Joke!

Artists in this story: Baim & Lazar