Batoh On The Go

posted October 28th, 2010

You know what rules? Japan's GHOST, and GHOST's head, Masaki Batoh! Sounds kind of gruesome, huh? Well it isn't, but we here in the States are in the tragic position of rarely seeing the gentle (and giant) genius Batoh pay his style of heavy chamber folk on our shores. That's why we consider the next few weeks another triumph: Batoh's flying to America as we speak, bringing his spiritual waves to only the finest US cities from sea to filthy sea (check the dates here). Things kick off Friday at the venerable, relocated Knitting Factory, now seeking to flourish in Brooklyn, with Magik Markers playing their own kind of music that night as well. It's a can't-miss! Speaking of the unbelievably treat, would you please note the special Halloween gig at Chum's Coffee House, in Waltham, MA, also with them freaky Magik Markers! It's the night that all the crazies come out of the woodwork, especially in New England, where everyone is crazy; so unless you're terrified of everyone in New England (like us), you have no excuse not to be at this show!

If ever there was a time to sleep (or die), it would be AFTER you see Batoh live!

While you're at it or before you croak (whichever comes first), pick up one of Batoh's transcendent Collected Works LP/CD, and/or his two releases with Helena Espvall of Espers fame, or GHOST's most recent opus, In Stormy Nights, which came in 2007. 2007? Where did the time go?

We know where it's gonna go - and where you should go - to these Masaki Batoh shows. Lost time is not found again -

(Photo by Mayumi Urano)

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