posted November 12th, 2010

Sometimes I Wish We Were... more than a record label. Oh wait, we are! Aside from pushing records, we publish books, too! (..and make prints!) So what if there's some cross-pollination between who's writing our books and who's making our music? Just as it is with dogs, inbreeding keeps Drag City in the running for Best In Show each and every year. So of course we were as psyched as a bitch in heat (or wait - is she psyched? check into this - ed.) to release Bill Callahan's Letters To Emma Bowlcut, his first foray into paper-back fiction, just 4 months ago (seems like an eternity in this modern age, doesn't it? Just like books are basically obsolete because of modern devices like kindles. Good thing we still have CDs to help us earn a living!). Like any good artist, Bill understands the importance of live performance. Thus, Domy Books hosts the FIRST EVER Bill Callahan reading tomorrow night, in the lucky town of Austin, TX! As we understand it, in addition to hearing Bill's unaccompanied, dead-panned baritone, those in attendance will be exposed to readers of other sorts, some music, and lots of beer! How's that for a Saturday night?

Go to Domy Books, 913 E Cesar Chavez, at 7PM to see Bill Callahan read from his new book, Letters to Emma Bowlcut, Saturday, November 13!

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