Lights R.I.P.

posted November 18th, 2010

Everyone is talking about Lights! Even "Sir" David Bowie's assistants! Thing he needs to know that they need to tell him (because otherwise how would he know?), as do all you friends and fans of Lights, is that the band has officially changed its name to Cliffie Swan. Lights haven't just gone out, they've been reborn! Here's hoping this will end all confusion between the Canadian musician Lights and the incredible talents of Sophia Knapp, Linnea Vedder and Alana Amram. These sultry ladies have been hard at work in New York, preparing their new album (slated for early 2011) and practicing for a couple shows where they'll surely debut some of these new rockers live. Union Pool December 7th, Brooklyn! Save the date. If you don't anticipate being out East this winter, you might dig their cover of "As The World Falls Down" that grabbed the attention of the thin white duke himself, as we mention above.

Dig "As The World Falls Down" here.

Cliffie Swan in New York -

December 7th at Union Pool

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