White Magic Bring White Winter to Europe

posted November 22nd, 2010

Fresh off some killer solo White Magic performances in southern California, Mira Billotte is cruising her orb 'cross the globe to exert forces on European soil, kicking off the first official White Magic tour in a couple years. What has she been up to, you ask? Well, we've asked the same on occasion; all we can assume is that she's been traversing the astral plane with sonic intentions since we released the Dark Stars EP. Yes, we've sensed new recordings-- songs from which White Magic will surely play for the faithful. But let's not forget about the dense batch of jams that is Dat Rosa Mel Apibus-- spells yet to be cast for those unacquainted, charms for revisiting to all those in da know. The cloak comes off first in Vigo, Spain, at SINSAL Audio, on Thursday. And follows as below. Time to get enchanted, White Magic is on the move!

11/25/10 SINSAL Audio Vigo Spain
11/26/10 Culturgest Porto Porto Portugal
11/27/10 Kolovrat 79 Roof Lisboa Portugal
11/29/10 Heliogàbal Barcelona Spain
11/30/10 TBA Madrid Spain
12/2/10 Hoxton Bar & Kitchen London United Kingdom
12/3/10 ATP Festival Nightmare Before Christmas Minehead United Kingdom
12/5/10 Face F Festival @ L'Usine Geneve Switzerland
12/6/10 Sonic Lyon France
12/8/10 Init Club Rome Italy
12/9/10 Circolo Caracol Pisa Italy
12/10/10 Mono Spazio Bar Pescara Italy
12/12/10 Ortloff Leipzig Germany
12/13/10 Marie-Antoinette Berlin Germany
12/14/10 Koloni Gothenburg Sweden
12/15/10 Escho Copenhagen Denmark

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