Do the Humpers!

posted November 23rd, 2010

This Thanksgiving, we cheerfully wish good times for all ! Let there be fun throughout the land and dancing - on Netflix's queue!

No, they're not dead yet - quite alive in fact, as it turns out: their campaign of censorship against the all-American entertainment known as Trash Humpers has breathed its last, thank Job. Now you can spend your holidays with Harmony Korine and his gang from the back streets of Anytown USA by pointing your clicker right here. Or refer yourselves to our stalwart team of nationwide retailers - the chain with one name: "BELIEVE."

Yep, that's something to be thankful for - we live in a nation where the proper amount of screaming and crying will allow your marginally offensive material to take its place with all the other work of its ilk (like the even exists). Hallelujah! Praise effin' Jeebus! God is gay, burn the flag! And pass the freakin' stuffing!