High Llamas say High

posted November 26th, 2010

Recent correspondence from Britain reports that the High Llamas chaps are quite busy! Busy writing and recording a new album for one, as well as just shoring up operations in general. Did you know you can get High Llamas updates directly from the band? ‘Tis true, and all you need do is have a glance at this link to find out how — there are a few options. Being so chuffed with the completion of a new album, the lads are playing live for the first time in a bit at the new London venue, Arnolds, on December 3rd. The room is intimate, but this show will be massive — there’s no such thing as a tiny todger in the High Llamas lot! Keep with us into 2011 for a shed-load of High Llamas bits and bobs. In addition to a new record, we’re privy to know there are European and USA tours eking their way on the schedule. In the meantime, have a visit to our High Llamas band page and check out the catalog — as well as Sean O’Hagan’s brilliant collab with Jean Piere Muller, The Musical Paintings Vol. 1!

December 3, 2010 — Arnold’s — London, United Kingdom

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